Find the plan that best suits your business.

Only pay for what you actually use. No binding contracts or hidden costs.

  • Classic


    per month / per concurrent agent


    • Auto Dialers
    • IVR
    • Pre-built CRM integrations
    • Priority routing
    • Queue callbacks (Virtual Hold)
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Virtual Hold
  • Omni


    per month / per concurrent agent

    Includes everything in Classic plus:

    • WhatsApp Business
    • Social Media
    • Live assistance web chat
    • Automations & AI
    • Unified Inbox
    • Omnichannel
    • Multichannel reporting
  • Play


    per month / per concurrent agent

    Includes everything in Classic plus:

    • Gamification
    • Daily challenges
    • Customizable games
    • Objectives by agent or groups
    • Badges and rewards
    • Ranking
    • Dynamic games
  • Full


    per month / per concurrent agent

    Includes every feature in:

    • Classic
    • Omni
    • Play
    • + Workforce Management

Minimum 10 concurrent agents

Does not include applicable charges or taxes. Does not include implementation services

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    Pay for what you use.

    It’s about as simple as it gets: choose the perfect plan for your business and pay for the number of concurrent agents you have working. If there are changes, just let us know and we’ll adjust it for the following month.

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    Low initial investment.

    Getting started with uContact should be easy and, most importantly, FAST. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to get you up and running in no more than 48 hours and with a low implementation fee.

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    No contacts, no risk.

    We’re convinced that the moment you start using uContact you’ll fall in love and won’t want to leave us, BUT should you want to, it’s not our intention to stall you with barriers, penalties, or lengthy contracts.

All plans include:

  • woman leaning on messsages

    Remote support 5x8*

    *If you’re interested in a 24x7 support modality, please contact us

  • unlimited number of supervisor and administrator licences

    Unlimited number of "Supervisor" and "Administrator" Licenses.

  • access to low code programming tools

    Access to all of Ucontact’s low-Code programming tools.

Got any questions?

Read our most popular FAQs.

It’s your lucky day! We don’t charge for any of your Supervisor and/or Administrator profiles. You can have as many as you find necessary, free of charge!

With a cloud-based deployment –and thanks to our official partnership with Google Cloud–, we take care of the infrastructure needed for you to host and operate your Contact Center in the cloud. A Cloud Contact Center uses the latest technologies and gives you a more modern, simple and cost-effective alternative to operate your center. You just need a computer with good internet connection and a headset.

However, we’re firm believers that premise-based deployment is still alive, that’s why we also offer it as an alternative. An on-premise setup requires in-house server hardware, software licenses and other integration capabilities. This is usually the best option for teams that want to be in charge of the whole configuration process and do not mind all the efforts associated with managing and maintaining their own infrastructure.

When you sign up for any of our plans (Classic, Omni, Play or Full), you’ll be billed upfront and monthly for all the agent users requested in your workspace. And whenever you add a new paid user or upgrade your existing plan, we’ll prorate it for the remainder of your billing cycle. We don’t work with binding contracts, that’s why you can change the number of agents whenever you want.

Regarding the payment methods, we accept either wire transfers and PayPal.

Nope, they don’t. We can set you up with a trusted voice over IP (VoIP) telephony provider or you can integrate your own.

Although we don’t work with binding contracts and fixed start/finish dates, when you acquire users/licences and get uContact deployed, you’ll be charged for the first month of use. After that the billing is on a month-to-month basis, so there is no actual minimum term of service.

We believe that once you start using uContact you won’t want to leave, but should this not be the case it’s not our intention to stall you with any barrier, penalty or lengthy contract.

No, the prices shown in all of our pricing plans do not include any charges or applicable taxes.

Administrator users have access to all the available features in your selected plan (Classic, Omni, Play and Full) plus the low-code programming tools that will let you adapt uContact to your operational needs.

Supervisors, on the other hand, have access to all the features in your selected plan plus the monitoring, analytics and agent coaching tools in order to have a complete overview of your Contact Center’s daily and general performance.